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Why Buy Foam Netting?

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Why Buy Foam Netting?

Foam netting is often used as a padding material for a fruit during transportation. The net itself does not have any edible matter in it; rather, it is filled with a polyethylene foams mixture. As stated before, foam netting comes in many sizes to accommodate a specific fruit or container. For example, there are fruit-net wraps that can fit a variety of popular sizes of canned fruit. There are also nets that can be purchased for specific food products such as potato chips to help them remain fresh and crisp longer.

Another use for fruit packaging foam netting is when packing for transportation of fresh fruit in a hot climate. Netting is great for securing mango fruits or other fruit with firmness during transport. Many people mistakenly think that the fruit has contracted pneumonia while in transit. Instead of assuming this, simply wrap it in a net and the fruit will remain safe and sound during transport.

Foam fruit netting is a very important product when it comes to packing fruits. It offers a great amount of protection for fruits during shipping without decreasing the quality or freshness of the product. Many people are unaware of the importance of keeping foam netting on hand when they are shipping their goods. Most manufacturers will include foam netting with all boxes when you purchase from them, but it is always best to keep extra on hand just in case you need it.

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