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Foam Net for Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables

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Foam Net for Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables

A popular trend in commercial packaging these days is the use of foam netting for fruit. The innovative process of foaming the netting allows companies and small businesses to have customized solutions for their product branding, effective branding for product presentation, and an effective marketing campaign. With the innovation of modern-day packaging, companies, and business are no longer restricted to rigid veneer products and boxes but can now create stunning graphic designs, attractive product packages, attractive packing, and an efficient distribution network. Most importantly, it is an effective and cost-effective way of securing your product's shipment. With the help of professionals, you can design and develop your own branding strategy and can get the best possible shipping solutions.

From their innovative methods and end results to how they are preserving and protecting the world. Fruit manufacturers and suppliers offer worldwide buyers a full resource for their packaging requirements including eco-friendly, cheap China foam net. With competitive price and quality, you can avail an eco-friendly, cheap China foam net for all of your packaging requirements including fruit packaging.

This foam material used in fruit netting for packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables are made from eco friendly and renewable resources, using bamboo and corn fibers. This foam is non-toxic and bio-degradable. It does not release any toxic gases during transportation. It has an exceptionally high R Value (thermal resistance) of up to 500 B.P/kg and low toxicity level. These characteristics make this foam ideal for food and beverage industry. Apart from being used for packaging fresh fruits and vegetables, it also serves as a protective cover to keep fruits fresh and preserves their freshness.

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