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Foam Fruit Packaging Foam Net

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Foam Fruit Packaging Foam Net

A fruit foam net is one of the most popular and highly demanded fruit packaging materials that are used for many products, including food, beverages, confectionery, medicines, personal care, nursery produce, and many more. To address the various requirements of industries and consumers, these are manufactured from a comprehensive range of different materials, with different shapes, designs, and unique specifications. To provide high-quality performances and long life spans, these are crafted from carefully chosen durable materials. They are also specially designed to give the best possible protection to the product, in order to keep it safe during transit and storage.

The foam net is basically made of PVC, and the polyethylene coats which are added for extra strength and rigidity are covered with plastic. They are available in numerous colors and types, according to the market demand and according to individual preferences. The PVC is usually a mixture of polyethylene and vinyl, which gives the net a clear finish and prevents any kind of abrasions on the surface of the product. The fruit nets can be manufactured in various widths and sizes and according to the actual requirement of the industry or product, they are fabricated accordingly.

While manufacturing the fruit packaging foam net, several measures are taken into consideration like the thickness of the material, the chemical composition, its chemical properties, resistance to ultraviolet rays, air pressure, etc. Another factor that should be taken into consideration while manufacturing the net is the ease with which it can be cleaned. The net should be washed thoroughly using soap and water and rinsed with fresh water before use. It should be dried naturally before packing. Using the foam fruit packaging foam net ensures that the product stays fresh and is stored properly for a longer time and thus delivers the maximum possible protection.

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