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Custom Made EPE Foam Net Wine Bottle Protector


Custom Made EPE Foam Net Wine Bottle Protector

Wine bottle protectorcome with a velcro seal and zip-lock closure. This makes them easy to put on and take off. The sleeves are convenient because they fit bottles of all shapes and sizes. They also offer hands-free protection. You can even use them on your mug or glassware. However, before using a wine bottle protector, it is best to measure your bottle's diameter.

When it comes to cleaning up wet messes, a foam sleeve net is the best solution. Its foam-lined filter traps debris that could otherwise enter the vacuum motor. Especially useful when using reusable disc filters, 90137 style, the foam sleeve keeps dirt and debris out of the motor.

A foam sleeve can be easily installed onto the filter of your shop vac. It protects the motor and increases the life of the machine. The foam sleeve is easy to wash and reuse. It is also very affordable. It can be purchased at any home improvement store and can be used for years.

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